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An adventure to meet your ancestors!

Do you want to meet your Grandma? is a humorous, insightful and interactive book for young children about our shared universal ancestors. Through delightful rhymes and enchanting watercolour illustrations, it explores not just who these ancestors were and how we are still like them, but what our ancestor grandmothers might have to teach us about living full, happy and meaningful lives. Complete with moments of suspense and hilarious reactions, this is not just a story of human evolution, but that of the whole universe. Young readers will love its humour and playfulness and adults will appreciate its original take on evolution, wonder and life.

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Online Storytime!

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Watch our Online Reading of
Do you want to meet your Grandma?

A wonderful online reading of SV Middleby's and Aunty Fonu's Do You Want To Meet Your Grandma? created by the amazing team at First Fighter, a photography, videography and audio production service provider based in the beautiful Fiji Islands. 🌴

Read for you by the real humans Aunty Fonu has immortalized as characters in this extraordinary journey to meet your Grandma's from long ago - Misha Huggett, Renata Ram, Mere Nailatikau & Lambert Ho.

Book Features

*Ideal for children ages 3 to 11 years old

*Resonates year-round as a go to gift for birthdays and other celebrations

*Perfect for parents, grandparents, and caregivers seeking to inspire their young to build a more loving and connected world

Add it to the shelf with “Here we are” by Oliver Jeffers, “The Lorax” by Dr Seuss and

“Welcome to Country” by Aunty Joy Murphy & Lisa Kennedy

Would you like to meet your Grandmas?

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Positive and Universal Messages

Universal and positive messages about our connections to each other, the planet and the whole universe

Young readers will love its humour and playfulness and adults will appreciate its original take on evolution, wonder and life

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Hughie Anderson-Moore (age 11)

"What I like about it, is its all true. And I love what your saying, be true, be kind, be dazzling. 
You're just going to make the world a better place with that book. Thankyou for writing it."


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Talanoa with Dr T

Listen to SV Middleby talanoa with the wonderful Fijian Dr Tarisi Sorovi-Vunidilo about writing Do you want to meet your Grandma? in collaboration with Aunty Fonu. 

 Super Awesome Storytime

Listen to Crystal's own reading of Do you want to meet your Grandma? and then her interview with SV Middleby on the book and its messages

Broad Agenda Interview

Read Ginger Gorman's interview with SV Middleby and Aunty Fonu in Broad Agenda on the way their book celebrates female ancestry and wisdom.

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A Collaboration between an Australian Author and a Oceanic Artist

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SV Middleby

About the Author

SV Middleby is an author, academic and former diplomat. She has made a home in Oceania this last 20 years where she has worked on regional peace, stability and prosperity. She is committed to contributing to a more loving region and world through work that connects rather than divides us. She currently lives on Ngunnawal country where she was born.

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Aunty Fonu

About the illustrator

Auntie Fonu is an Oceanian artist and visual storyteller. Guided by a desireto contribute to Culture and an emotionally intelligent and kind humanity; Auntie Fonu celebrates earth knowledge, Oneness, resilient exuberance, and experiential honesty through her interdisciplinary Art practice. She currently lives and makes her work in her homeland of Fiji.

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